Rigging services

Each project will always have to be evaluated individually.

All clamps, points, motors, certs and pre-rig truss is provided by the venue rigging company.

The charge for each project will be calculated based on submitted and approved plans. To make sure our procedure is safe and accurate, there is some information we require:

• Description of item to be suspended;

• Constructive system (if it is box truss, light steel frame, aluminium frame, standard banner);

• Suspension solution (how will the object be suspended, is it with spandex, shackles);

• Total weight, number of suspension points and distribution of weight per point;

• Height of suspension;

• Drawings that show the exact location, orientation of booth and element to suspend.

As a general guideline, there is a 70kg/150kg limit per available suspension point and the structural matrix is 3x3 meters.

By default, we will try to adjust the suspended elements to the available matrix for economic purposes. However if it is not possible to arrange a solution or if the client does not want to, we will use pre-rig structures to provide the necessary suspension points.

If you would like to have an overhead installation at your exhibition booth, please contact your partner success manager for more information.

Final date for rigging submissions is September 17.