Custom cleaning service

A custom cleaning package is required if you have a two-storey stand or require a cleaning or shining of walls, glass walls, screens or other installations or objects.

All quotes for custom cleans will vary depending on the work required. Please send a detailed brief of the custom cleaning service required and a stand render of the space. Please submit this information before the store closes on October 6

Please read our waste disposal policy

Partners and contractors must be responsible for disposing of build materials and waste generated during the stand build and post-build phases. We ask that any recyclable plastic and cardboard waste that builds up on your stand (during build, open days and breakdown) is separated clearly and left for collection at your activation at the end of each day.

Furthermore, we are asking partners to dispose of or repurpose all other non-recyclable waste materials including wood through their own waste disposal systems. Abandoned waste materials that fill or partly fill an open top skip will be charged out to the persons responsible at a rate of €830. Please read our waste disposal policy for more information on the responsible disposal and recycling of waste materials.